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People value wildlife for a very broad range of reasons. Protection, enhancement, consumption, preservation and aesthetics all have their proponents. Regardless of one’s primary ideology, there tends to be general agreement that management of damage is necessary when too many of any given species creates negative economic impact, or health and safety concerns.

All American Wildlife Control is most concerned about safeguarding people: ourselves, our customers and the public. There are health and safety risks posed by the presence of nuisance or predatory wildlife and by the techniques, means and methods used to control, or exclude wildlife.

For most people, “nuisance wildlife” means an animal is destructive or menacing. The animal may be damaging property such as buildings, crops, pets, livestock, gardens or public parks. Wildlife may threaten human health or safety by spreading diseases; through direct attacks or accidentally, because of collisions with cars, airplanes, or trains.

There are many reasons why the All American Wildlife Control company is called on by the Federal Government Entities, State Government Entities, Local Government Entities, Township Entities, Industrial or Commercial Properties and Private Land Owners to service their wildlife control requirements and damage repair needs.